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Hey travellers!

Welcome to The Black Girl and Her Backpack, a blog about the real-life, international travels of a 20-something year old, British-Nigerian female.

In this short introduction, I’d like to share with you (the beautiful people of the internet) the context of this blog. So here goes…

This blog is born out of two of my greatest passions: travelling and writing. Yes, I have always loved each in isolation, but it really took me a while to realise that I could merge both. It wasn’t until I started my degree in Sociology & Social Policy that I had that eureka moment (light bulbs flashing & alarm bells ringing). In many ways my degree has bridged the gap between both loves. I would like to believe that I have always been quite a critical thinker, but my discipline definitely ignited my social consciousness to a whole new level.

Because of this, my ultimate wish with this blog is to create a fun and relaxed space to facilitate a conversation. A conversation about: culture, identity and self-expression. We live in such a HUGE, but extremely intimate world (thank you globalisation), so much is going on and sometimes it’s hard to put things into perspective. However, I do feel like experience is not only the best teacher, but is also one of the most powerful common denominators given to humanity. Through shared experiences we can often find solace, strength and solidarity, so with this in mind – why not share them?!

The Black Girl and Her Backpack is the safe space where I will be sharing my personal experiences abroad. Disclaimer: you may find that they completely resonate with you or are the polar opposite to your own travel experiences – and that’s okay! Please use the comment section smile emoticon… I really want to know about the similarities and differences we have come across. Even though I am writing accounts which are incredibly meaningful to me, I have no intention for this blog to become overly academic or pretentious. In fact, I want to make it a point to include all the recreational information – the luxuries, attractions and activities that shape my exploration of different countries. Travelling is a treat, not a chore!

Side note: do forgive me if I get carried away with theory every now and again, sometimes I just can’t shake my inner Sociologist.

I hope that you guys will embark on this exciting journey with me (no pun intended) and enjoy my content!

Peace & love,


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